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Lash Lift Nourishing Oil

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Nourish lashes with our Keratin-infused Lash Lift Oil.

Our Lash Lift Oil is packed with Keratin, ensuring your clients’ lashes stay beautiful, healthy and nourished.

Features and Benefits

  • Infused with Keratin: Our lash lift oil is formulated with Keratin, a powerful protein that strengthens and repairs the lash fibres, leaving your clients' lashes looking beautiful and nourished.

  • Neutralizing Power: Immediately neutralizes the perming solution after the lash lift process and strengthens lashes for a luscious look that won’t quit.

How to Apply Nourishing Oil to Lashes

  1. Completely remove the step-2 solution (perming solution)

  2. Pour a small amount of the nourishing oil onto a lipstick applicator.

  3. Use the lipstick applicator to brush the oil onto the lashes.

  4. Allow the oil to soak in for 5 minutes.

  5. Gently remove any excess oil from the lashes before opening the eye.