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Get Long-lasting Lash Retention with our Lash Primer

Our Lash Primer is the ultimate solution for lash artists who want to achieve prolonged lash retention and high-quality lash extensions.

Features and Benefits

  • Longer-Lasting Lash Extensions: Lash Primer cleanses and removes oils, proteins, and makeup from natural lashes, creating a smooth, adhesive-friendly surface.

  • Hassle-Free, Quick Prep:  The application is a breeze with our primer. Just a drop, a couple of applicators, and a swift "sandwiching" technique ensure every lash is coated from root to tip.

  • Boosted Volume and Strength: Beyond just prepping, our lash primer amplifies the inherent beauty of natural lashes, making them appear fuller, more robust, and radiant.

How to use

  1. Clean the lashes thoroughly with lash shampoo.

  2. Place a drop of primer onto two separate lipstick applicators.

  3. Use one applicator to apply the primer on the top side of the lashes.

  4. With the second applicator, coat the bottom side of the lashes.

  5. “Sandwich,” the natural lash between the two applicators.

  6. Cover the lash with the primer, starting from the root and moving to the tip of the lash for an even application.