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Super Bonder

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Add Super Bonder to your kit for quicker dry times

Looking to speed things up without cutting corners? Our Super Bonder ensures quicker application with lasting results, making your lash routine more efficient!

Features and Benefits

  • Faster Adhesion: Lash Primer cleanses and removes oils, proteins, and makeup from natural lashes, creating a smooth, adhesive-friendly surface.

  • Better Retention: Say goodbye to extensions that quickly fall off. Our Super Bonder has been formulated to boost retention, making your clients' lashes last longer.

  • Quick Curing: Don’t let waiting for glue slow you down. Our Super Bonder speeds up the curing process so you can move on to the next step faster.

  • Volume Fans Stay Open: Create volume fans more quickly and efficiently. No more waiting for the strip to close before separating and bonding the lashes.

  • Fresh Lemon Scent

How to Use

Method 1

  1. Apply a small amount of Super Bonder on the lash strip at the base of the lashes with a micro brush.

Method 2

  1. Apply a small amount of Super Bonder onto a lipstick applicator.

  2. Glide the Super Bonder across the roots of the lashes where the extensions are adhered.