About Us

Blush Beauty Boutique began as a home base business back in 2010. After spending a lot of time day dreaming about opening a storefront, I finally did it. In 2017 we opened Blush Beauty Boutique in the heart of downtown Whitby, Ontario. We have an amazing group of women who work with us and inspire us everyday.

Throughout the years I have had this undeniable urge to have our very own brand of eyelash extensions one day. Something I could formulate to my insanely high standards, holy -this is exciting! I love the idea of constructing something new and to share it with the world is more than inspiring.

The products are the most important part of our industry – this gives our lash artists the ability to create and design the perfect textured full set of lashes for our loyal clients. After three years of searching for lashes, samples after samples it became discouraging, it felt as if this would never happen. The summer of 2018, we received samples and after a ton of testing we finally started our lash line. Since then have been continually sampling, tested and introducing new products. My dream has become a reality, we're really doing this!

It has been our passion to empower women to feel more than comfortable in their skin on a daily basis. A simple beauty treatment leaves these women feeling confident no matter what their day has in store for them. Now, we would like to pass that encouragement onto other hard-working successful women in our beauty industry. Giving them the highest quality products and our support we want to lead everyone to strive for perfection.

Let’s build each other, encourage one another to be confident and pass down that motivation in hopes the next generation of young women can have the same power you do. I hope one day someone looks at you and says, “because of you I didn’t give up.” 

-Courtney Ganesh