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Adhesive Wipes for Lash Glue

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Keep Your Glue Bottles Super Clean with our Adhesive Wipes.

Adhesive wipes are the simplest solution to keep glue bottles clean and long-lasting.

Quantity: 200 wipes per box

Easy to Use: Fold the adhesive wipe in half and twist around the nozzle to remove excess wet glue.

Pristine Bottles: Ensure your glue bottles are free from unsightly, unprofessional-looking leftover glue. This enhances your workstation's appearance and ensures the longevity of your glue bottles.

No Residue: Being cotton-free and lint-free ensures the wipes won't leave any unwanted residues behind.

Disposable: Keep a germ-free environment.

Pro-Tip: Always use the adhesive wipes dry. Moisture cures glue. Using a damp cloth might unintentionally cure the glue onto your bottle.