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Easy Fan Lash Trays

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Great for Beginner Lash Artists

If you’re just starting out, easy fan lash trays are best while you learn. They spread apart easily, and already have a bit of adhesive and fan just right.

Features and Benefits

  • Quick Volume: Help you speed up the volume fan-making process.

  • Time Saver: Spend less time creating fans and more time perfecting your lash set.

  • Stick with Ease: The slightly sticky base ensures your volume fans stay together.

  • Beginner Friendly: Perfect for lash artists new to the business.

How to Use

  1. Gently pick up the easy fan lashes from the center. Remember, if you lift them too far from the roots, they can detach.

  2. Reattach the easy fan lashes to the strip to create an evenly shaped fan. Make sure the lashes are straight with the bottom of the lash strip.

  3. Make sure the lashes aren't put too low. The upper lashes will become stuck in the adhesive strip, preventing the fan from opening.

  4. Gently press and wiggle the lashes to the strip to open the fan. The root of the lashes should not be wiggled. The fan will likely separate, and the lashes' adhesive will adhere to your tweezers.

  5. Pick up the easy fan lashes in the center. It is a great position to pick up the fan without falling apart. Also, when you lift the fan from the center, you'll have enough space on the lash root to apply adhesive.