Ellebana Extreme Styling Shields

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Elleebana’s newest product will blow your socks off. The Extreme Shields will give you the power to offer extreme, dramatically lifted lashes. And YES you need BOTH the original rods and these shields to be able to offer a more natural curl as well as the extreme curl to all of your clients.
The pack comes with three sizes, one shield for each eye. 2 small shields, 2 medium shields and 2 large shield.
Designed by Elleebana founder and formulator, Otto Mitter, these shields are high performance. Made with the smoothest silicone, lifting and isolating the lashes just got a whole lot easier! By avoiding the bump of the classic rod and easily placing short lashes, your services will be faster. Keep in mind that the having both the Classic Elleebana Rods and Extreme Shields is best. Some clients prefer the natural C curl that the rods give and some will prefer a more dramatic lift. Reusable and simple to use.