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Lash Extension Remover Cream

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Quick, Easy, and Pain-Free Removal of Lash Extensions

As lash artists, we know that removing lash extensions can be tedious for you and your clients. Our Lash Extension Remover Cream is the perfect solution for quick, easy, and pain-free lash extension removal.

Features and Benefits

  • No More Mess or Waste:  Our cream remover has a thicker, gel-like consistency, making it easy to apply and control when removing lash extensions.

  • No stinging: Unlike other liquid-based removers, our Lash Extension Remover Cream won’t cause any stinging as it’s a gel and won’t seep into the eyes—a simple, safe removal experience.

  • Quick and Efficient: Remove lash extensions in just 1-5 minutes

How to Use Lash Extension Remover Cream

  1. Remove any makeup residue, and apply eye patches to cover the bottom lashes. Make sure your client’s eyes are closed tightly during the whole procedure.

  2. Using a micro brush, apply a thin layer (about 1mm from the base) of cream remover on the eyelash extensions.

  3. Leave the cream on for 1 to 5 minutes, depending on the type of extension type.

  4. Using a lipstick applicator, carefully remove the extensions, ensuring they are entirely removed.

  5. Once all the extensions have been removed, gently clean the area around the eyes using lash shampoo and water.

  6. After the deep cleaning, brush through your client’s natural lashes and let them dry.